can you guys give me some surreal painting ideas?

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13th December 2011 @ 09:59pm

#please i need help #:)

  1. katherinejoelle answered: Have a look at Brook Shaden´s photography :)
  2. defexted answered:…
  3. fearkom answered: ALL ART BITCHES LIKE IT WHEN YOU MORPH LIVING THINGS WITH OBJECTS. Blood some place add a lot of content. good luck!
  4. madnesiium answered: I’m not sure, try painting a wreath, but instead of vines and stuff, use your imagination and create the wreath with something else? x : $
  5. awkward0w1 answered: Two souls one body.
  6. sonhospesadelos answered: paint creatures walking in a forest, creatures never seen before, with the sunlight streaming through the leaves and twigs of the forest …
  7. cemeterius answered: an eye but the pupil is a clock and it’s crying numbers
  8. n4turality answered: an alien riding a baby lama.
  9. timeimmortal answered: octopus in a top hat on a mother fucking mountain
  10. urbanlullabies answered: a misty forest……cherry blossom trees
  11. deintegro answered: elephants are always fun to do with long, spindly legs. things melting that wouldn’t normally appear that way? idk, just have fun with it (y)
  12. kichekke answered: try to put every emotion into one picture
  13. thecanterbunnytails answered: Look at Magritte and Dali
  14. everythingeventuallyconnects answered: psychedelic painting with everything spychedelic you can think of and lots and lots of colors and twirls and odd shapes
  15. dis-continuity answered: If you don’t know who Pat Perry is, look him up. Instant inspiration, I tell ya.
  16. wherethesheridansare answered: to paint or post?
  17. euemeuspensamentos answered: how do you see your soul
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